Chopsticks and popcorn

First let me start by admitting that I didn’t come up with this idea but I do feel I can expand on the concept a bit.

Most people employ one of the following ways of eating popcorn. The painfully slow one piece at a time method. The hand full in your face, funny sound snarfing method. Bite off all the “fluff” and save the core for later method. The one I used to use, grab a hand full and pick each piece out of my hand with my tongue. All of these methods have one common problem. Fingers touch food so any liquid on the food is transferred to fingers.

There are basically two solutions. First, no butter. Butter is great so I’m going to scratch that off the list. Second use a tool to move the popcorn from the container to your mouth. I’m going to go off topic here for a minute. I’m tired of all the comedians making fun of chop sticks, “I know they’ve seen the spoon. They have shovels.” I’d like to see them eat sushi with a fork. Chopsticks have survived for a reason. They are much better for picking up odd shaped objects than a fork or spoon. Back on topic. Keeping our hands clean requires a tool that can pick up odd sized, odd weighted objects. Popcorn will just fall off a spoon. The ideal tool, CHOPSTICKS! They allow you to move popcorn from the container to your mouth without getting your hands greasy. This leaves them nice and clean to touch other things. Such as your date.

Wait, there’s more. For an even better time try dipping your chopsticks in sticky liquid. Honey, peanut butter, whatever you have around. Then slide them in the popcorn to make something of a popcorn on a stick.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Interesting idea, but what about those who are chopstick challenged? I don’t have anyone in mind, ~*ahem*~, but still…. :)

  2. IRC user says:

    You could use tong style chopsticks, the ones with a hinge

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