MySQL Online Manual Search

Previously I wrote about the manual search and how it had been fixed. Now I think it’s time for polish. Most of the basic keyword searches work but not all of them. The syntax keyword searches should always be spot on. syntax

Works great but the less common syntax searches fail syntax

There really is no excuse for the syntax searches failing. These are the sections that people need the most on quick reference. I noticed tha recently the keyword searches that do work put me into the correct page and not just the search results with that page at the top. I love this! I just needs to work for every syntax search.

While I’m on the subject of manual search I would like to request a few features. Migration to newer versions isn’t as simple as just upgrading the package and starting mysql. Full systems have to be tested against the new version. This can take weeks or even months to complete. So people don’t like to upgrade unless there is a feature they really want or the previous version is not being supported as well (internall or externally). As a result most of us are stuck back in time chipping our data into stone. I understand the manual defaulting to the current GA release of mysql but a significant portion of the population hasn’t upgraded yet. Please please please add in a feature for the url searches to listen to a version. If something like grant syntax

Put me right into the grant syntax page for 4.1 it would be such a great time saver. If this isn’t possible I suppose I can create my own page that will bounce me into the manual with some handy options parsing. I would rather see it in the manual because so many people search it and because I’m so used to typing
The most important part of making progress on a project (such as manual search ;) ) is showing that you actually made progress on it. This alone can have more positive impact than the progress you actually made. If there is someone out there from the mysql web/docs team that has been slaving to improve the manual search please shout out.

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