Does MySQL really care?

Other people have already drilled into the Oracle purchase of Sleepycat enough so I only have one question. Does any MySQL user really care that Oracle bought Sleepycat? Was anyone using BDB in production? Why?


  1. notabot says:

    The tone of your post indicates worry.

  2. zillablog says:

    Oracle really did buy Sleepycat

    The roumers are true, Oracle is buying sleepycat. You can check out the press release from Oracle, or the blog posting from the (former) President of Sleepycat confirming it.

    Over the next few days you’ll see a lot of talk about Oracle just t…

  3. Luke Hollins says:

    It might not matter to MySQL but hundreds if not thousands of programs included in BSD and Linux distributions use BDB to store data.

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