The wrong way to upgrade MySQL

Expect a longer post in the near future on upgrade procedures. For now enjoy this quote from a gentoo user illustrating the worst way to upgrade.

linolium: is there a way to wipe every single table and start over from scratch?
linolium: ( the upgrade from mysql 4 to 5 didn’t go as smoothly as planned
me: did you read the upgrade notes?
linolium: no, I just hoped that portage would be kind enough to do those things for me


  1. root says:

    This works on Sybase ASE. It’s a shame MySQL can’t do it (yet).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I posted this before, but my comment was deleted.

    An upgrade like this works fine with a database such as Sybase ASE – the database gets upgraded when the database server is restarted.

    So it’s definitely possible, and the user is right to expect it as a feature that should just work.

    Hopefully MySQL will get this functionality in the future.

  3. Eric Bergen says:

    The problem wasn’t with mysql not upgrading the database it was with the user not reading anything before doing a major version upgrade. MySQL 5.0 can read tables from 4.1 just fine. The problem was purely application side.

  4. Andrew says:

    so going from 4.0.17 to 4.1.x is as simple as copying my databases to the 4.1 data dir and starting 4.1?

    i’m holding off on 5.0 due to that blog i read about all it’s problems (memory leaks, procedure probs, performance, etc)

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