Show @&!# status again!

I’m not the first person to run into this and I certainly won’t be the last. This is also already covered in: Bug #19093 I just want to say again how annoying it is that the default for show status is session instead of global. It bit me again yesterday. I ran show status and was confused because most of Com_* is 0 yet uptime was a few days. Then it hit like a brick to the face that I was working on 5.0 instead of 4.1 and the default for show status is session. I know the default has changed and it still bites me. This is going to cause people hours of confusion the first time they do what I just did.

If you want the default changed please go to Bug #19093 and add a comment.

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  1. We hear you and share your pain. See SHOW STATUS Gotcha.

    The likelihood MySQL would change back. Probably NIL.

    I did however then read the Bug #19093, and it was great to see Monty comment (that’s open source for you, enabling even founders to mix with the common folk), and I’d tend to agree to his comments. MySQL has attempted to correct something.

    Perhaps the best compromise to the problem is to drop the SHOW STATUS command, and make the scope component GLOBAL|SESSION compulsory.

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