I’ve given up on the MySQL manual search

It’s simply too inaccurate to be useful. I’ve switched to using google with firefox bookmark keywords instead. Here is how to set it up. In firefox click on Organize Bookmarks under the Bookmarks menu. Click the New Bookmark button and fill in the following values.

  • Name: MySQL Manual
  • Location: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site:dev.mysql.com%20%s
  • Keyword: mysql
  • Description: Keyword bookmark for using Google to search the MySQL manual.

Click ok and close the bookmark menu. Now instead of typing mysql.com/foo or using the search box on mysql.com you can simply type mysql foo into the address bar. Firefox will use your keyword to load the location in the bookmark replacing %s with foo resulting in results from the mysql manual. This can be done with any search engine. Simply do a test search and replace the search term with %s for the bookmark url.


  1. Magnus Svensson says:

    Thank you. This was the tip of the century!

  2. Hi Eric,

    Do you have use for a search engine “plugin”? I did. Sharing the same perception expressed in your post, I contrived a little OpenSearch xml file for “Google MySQL documentation search[bar]” and put it up on the Mycroft site. It reportedly does not work with the Epiphany-browser but is handy enough for Firefox.

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