3 Generations of Apple Laptops

As a third generation mac laptop owner I’ve been able to watch the products evolve over the past 3 years. While I think apple has always designed the best laptop hardware, they haven’t hit the sweet spot for me. I’ve owned 2 giant ipods and one powerbook. All three have had their good features and bad.

Laptop size has is very important. I don’t like that apple always tries to fit the most power into the smallest package. New style wide screens are great. They are have a nice sharp picture and are great for watching movies. They don’t work so well on a laptop. The display is great but because they are wide screen the rest of the laptop has to be built in a rectangle shape. This makes it more difficult to use when laying back on a couch. There isn’t enough height on the base to put it between my legs and stomach (maybe I need a bigger beer gut). It also forces me to look down further to see the screen which is worse for my neck and back. I had the same problem with my powerbook. The height and width of my iBook is perfect. I just wish it was as thin as and as powerful as a macbook. Everyone seems to be very concerned about making things smaller. Sometimes it’s ok to keep something the same size yet make it faster.

My perfect laptop would be a 4:3 screen with the sharp resolution of a 16:9 in a 14″ screen. It would be as thin as a MBP and just as powerful.

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  1. chris says:

    What about the fact that they reduced the size of the macbooks (formally ibooks at 14″) to 13″ so they could fit a stupid camera?

    I own a g4 ibook and think its great, but I would love more power and the feature to have a lighted keyboard. Maybe someday I’ll upgrade.

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