set sql_log_slow=0 to control the slow query log.

Currently there isn’t a good method to control sending individual queries to the slow query log. Typically this isn’t an issue. It becomes an issue when using very short query times and importing sql files. The slow query log doesn’t have a limit on the length of queries it will write to a log. If you’re importing a sql file with inserts that get sent to the log mysql will dump the entire insert query. This can cause the slow query log to grow to gigs in size in a very short time.

I’ve patched mysql 5.0.41 to add a session variable called sql_log_slow (think sql_log_bin) that when set to 0 will prevent queries from that session from being sent to the slow query log. The patch also updates mysqlbinlog to set that variable in it’s output. One issue with this patch is that the executable comment version in mysqldump is set to 5.0.41 but it will error when imported on any 5.0.41 server that doesn’t have this patch. If it’s merged the version in the comment will need to be bumped.

sql_log_slow is also handy for controlling noise in the slow query log. It can be used to prune down queries that are known to be slow so only true problem queries are logged.

Here is the patch. I’ll post this on internals soon.

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