Google WiFi a failed experiment in Mountain View.

When I first moved to down town Mountain View the person at the leasing office spent about 15 minutes trying to convince me that DSL/Cable availability wasn’t an issue because Google was going to provide free internet to all of Mountain View. I tried to explain that WiFi wasn’t good enough because I routinely ssh into servers across the country thus ping time is critical. My initial assumptions about Google WiFi have been proven right over the past two years. Unless you’re aligned with Google just right it doesn’t work. I’ve tried from in buildings, in parkings lots all around town my conclusion is that it’s a compete and total failure.

I’m willing to give them a few more months to get it working in downtown mountain view. What I can’t forgive is the fact that they can’t get it working from their own campus. I’m at Google HQ building 43 right now for the MySQL Meetup and I can see an SSID for Google WiFi from my laptop but I can’t connect to it long enough to even authenticate through To me a good way to promote your free wifi service is to have it readily available on your campus.

I’ll continue the hunt for a google wifi “hotspot” in down town mountain view but don’t hold your breath.


  1. Maybe it’s the antenna in your laptop and not Google WiFi that’s at fault. I had no problem driving around Mountain View playing Xbox 360 Live in a jeep while piggybacking on Google WiFi via my old HP laptop. My new Dell laptop has a hard time seeing the connection in the same spots my HP had no problem.

  2. Mark23 says:

    Maybe Jake is right , I think there must be some problem in your antenna problem, check it out

  3. Eric Bergen says:

    More likely a problem with apple laptops. I’ve had the same result on 3 different macs.

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