MySQL bugbot and status changes

MySQL Bug Tracker

I realize that MySQL is in a transitional phase making it’s development more transparent to the community so this entry isn’t really a rant but something that will hopefully ease the transition. The public MySQL bug tracker doesn’t seem to have any way to view the history of status changes to a bug. Things like changing a bug from open to inactive. I assume there will always be things that should be hidden from bugs like links to sites internal to MySQL AB but things like simple status changes should be visible to the public.

For example on this Bug #20358 Heikki posted a comment that he was moving the bug from open to unable to repeat. Did he actually make the change? I have no idea because I can’t access the status log. Was it ever changed from unable to repeat back to open or verified? Again I have no idea…

Another “feature” of the bug system that I find questionable is the bug bot. The script trolls the bug database looking for bugs that need an automatic state change. In my opinion it should never find anything. I’ve noticed that it changes state on bugs that haven’t been commented on for a month to an inactive status. I have one example of a Bug #26489 that I think is fairly critical being marked in an inactive state not because the bug wasn’t still occurring, but because we had no new useful information to post at the time. Just because no new information has been found doesn’t necessarily mean that a bug should be taken off of people’s radar. If humans want to mark them as inactive it’s fine but a script making that decision worries me.

I do appreciate the things MySQL has done recently to make the development process more accessible for those of us without MySQL AB on our name tag. #mysql-dev on freenode is well populated with very intelligent minds. It’s nice to have them readily accessible to bounce ideas off of.

Keep the momentum on this transition going and please don’t mark my blog post as inactive :)

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