Innodb handler_delete and handler_update status

I woke up this morning to a nice surprise. Peter Zaitsev from MySQL Performance Blog mentioned my fix for a crash in MySQL. Thanks Peter! That reminded me that I need to write this post about another fix.

A storage engine is called a “handler” in MySQL internals. Handler events are per row at the storage engine layer. For example an insert query that inserts 3 rows will cause one Com_insert increment and 3 handler_write increments. The way these statistics are implemented the storage engine is responsible for incrementing statistics itself. Innodb is missing function calls to increment the handler_delete and handler_update status variables. I’ve filed bug #35537 with MySQL that contains a patch adding in the missing statistic_increment calls.

It seems strange that storage engines are responsible for incrementing global statistics. Brian Aker tells me that this is because the handler interface is a direct pass through to the storage engine. I’m guessing that it was easier to do the statistics increment in the storage engine rather than chase down all the handler calls in the server and change them to functions that call the handler and increment statistics.

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