Sun’s official support for Drizzle means more than just code.

As Jeremy wrote a few months ago one of the main issues with forking MySQL is the documentation is not open source. Today Jay Pipes announced that he is leaving the MySQL Community Team to be a staff engineer for Sun on the Drizzle project. Monty Taylor also released a similar announcement saying that he will also be working on Drizzle full time.

This means that Drizzle is no longer a side project hacked on by a few engineers outside of their work time, it’s an official project. With Sun employing Drizzle engineers and Sun owning the copyright to the MySQL documentation it’s now likely that Sun will create Drizzle docs from the existing MySQL docs to support their new product. The question now is how will the docs be licensed? Will Drizzle enjoy the fork protection that MySQL has for so many years by keeping it’s documentation hostage? Probably. If Sun creates docs based on the MySQL docs they will own the copyright and effectively own Drizzle.

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