On MySQL 5.1 going GA

When MySQL 5.1 first went GA I had the same knee jerk reaction as most of the community, “It’s not ready! There are still bugs!”. After thinking about it for a week or so I don’t think this matters. It’s true that MySQL isn’t really ready for GA but it doesn’t matter since most MySQL users I know wait several releases before even trying out a new GA release anyway. This varies wildly of course. Some users love the bleeding edge while others are still back on 4.1. This isn’t MySQL specific either. We do the same thing with most software. I don’t like that MySQL changed their requirements for a RC candidate to move 5.1 along but for most users it doesn’t matter. We will sit quietly and wait for 5.1 to stabilize before even thinking about deploying it. I’ll give it another six months.


  1. LenZ says:

    Unfortunately the more people practice this kind of “sit and wait” attitude, the longer it actually takes the code to stabilize…


  2. Eric,
    What release criteria do you prefer? Do you expect all known serious bugs for all features to be fixed before GA? If that is the case, then I think that is impossible as more features X more users == many more bugs reported than for earlier versions.

  3. Eric Bergen says:


    I don’t think that’s unreasonable at all. It simply requires fewer new features in a release. I’ve ran into so many issues with new features in releases I tend to shy away from them anyway.

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