Google Summer of Code and #mysql-dev, who is supposed to answer the questions?

The #mysql-dev irc channel on freenode was created with the idea of getting the community people more involved in active discussion about mysql internals and development. When the channel was first created this happened for a few weeks and I was pretty happy to be able to observe and participate in the discussion. Now it’s mostly idle.

It seems that some people at Sun think there is still active discussion or internal developers paying attention to the channel because the GSoC web page directs people to #mysql-dev as a point of contact. The problem is there isn’t anyone there answering questions. I’ve seen quite a few people over the past few weeks ask questions that have gone unanswered. I think it’s time to restart the movement to open development and using #mysql-dev for discussion.


  1. Mark Callaghan says:

    You youngsters with IRC this and twitter that. I prefer groups or email lists. But at this point, they are all kind of quiet.

  2. Monty Taylor says:

    Heh. What is old is new again, I suppose. I find it very amusing to consider IRC and “you youngsters” in the same sentence. I’m on public IRC all day long and answer all the questions I can. I’m not on #mysql-dev since I’m not a MySQL dev. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to surmise which IRC channel I can be found on, though.

  3. M. Mortazavi says:

    Depends on the questions being asked. This IRC channel is for developing *in* MySQL. In any case, I’m in the same league as Mark. Try registering at the and posting to or use … IRC is for ad-hoc communication. These other channels are “recorded” “search-able” and have “threads” of dialog that hang together :-) … and read the new forge wikis on Contributing to MySQL … …. I hope this helps.

  4. Eric Bergen says:

    I understand the difference and I’m registered in all those places. My point is that this is like going to a car dealership and having the person at the front desk point you to the service desk only no one works at the service desk.

  5. M. Mortazavi says:

    I get what you’re saying. MySQL developers are on so many IRC channels … This one may get missed every once in a while … but I do know some who’re registered there … For example, I just opened #mysql-dev on freenode and I see a whole slew of people who’re on it. Perhaps you should ping them with their IRC alias … Most people use IRC clients that have notification built in to certain key words, including their IRC alias … (I’m sure you already know this.) Finally, and again, going to “internals” or is always a great way to keep things formal and draw attention … By the way, I believe you’ve done some contributions in the past but I don’t see your name among the SCA signatories for MySQL. (Have you signed it: ) … The e-mail system and bugs system allows for asynchronous communication which is always attractive for people on whose time there’s a great demand … The fact that we’re conducting this conversation here asynchronously is itself an example and proof of the point … And yes, I agree, when a channel is recommended, its limitations should also be clarified … In the final analysis, I think people in the MySQL engineering have taken note of your post here …

  6. Eric Bergen says:

    The whole point of this post is that if you’re going to list #mysql-dev as a contact point for people interested in GSoC then there should be someone there that has answers about GSoC.

  7. M. Mortazavi says:

    Right. Got it.

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