Longest beta ever, myisamchk –parallel-recover

I was reading through the manual and noticed that myisamchk parallel recover option is still listed as beta code. The feature was added in 4.0.2 which was released in july 2002. This means it’s been in beta longer than gmail :)


  1. Arjen Lentz says:

    I’d say file a bug on it – that is, about it still being classified as beta.
    Are there open bugs on the feature itself?
    If not, it may just be a docs bug by now.

    On the other hand, I think very few people actually use myisamchk, apart from the fact that serious people generally default to InnoDB these days.
    I encourage use of mysqlcheck.

  2. Arjen Lentz says:

    I just realised, given the time it was probably I who wrote that original note in the docs ;-)

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