MySQL Brings the Heat

This week throngs of MySQL developers, users, and enthusiasts descended on silicon valley. Apparently the valley’s cooling system can’t keep up because as they arrived the outside temperature went up into the 90s (32s for those of you who choose to use a sane temperature measurement system). I’m not attending the conference this year but I almost wish I was to get some of the air conditioning. It’s supposed to cool off and rain on Saturday. As the brain power leaves I suspect the valley is going to cool and moisture in the air will condense into rain, or tears.

I bet you thought this post was going to be about Oracle and Sun, sorry. I think the weather is more interesting.


  1. I did think you’re going to talk about the O. Will miss you at the conference (it isn’t the same without you and Jeremy) but hope to catch up during the week.


  2. Barry Leung says:

    At least I’m only missing half the fun at the conference :)

  3. Barry Leung says:

    Hmm, maybe that should’ve read, missing half the fun of the conference… since i’m not there either this year.

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