cinfo for seeing how much of a file is being cached

cinfo is a kick ass program written by the author of PowerDNS Bert Hubert to show how much of a file is being cached by the operating system. It’s great for testing to see if myisam data files are being read from the operating system cache or off disk. For example this is the cache status of myd files for my blog:

wordpress_comments.MYD: 1127 pages, 1121 pages cached (99.47%)
wordpress_links.MYD: 1 pages, 1 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_options.MYD: 309 pages, 309 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_postmeta.MYD: 2 pages, 2 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_posts.MYD: 100 pages, 94 pages cached (94.00%)
wordpress_term_relationships.MYD: 2 pages, 2 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_terms.MYD: 1 pages, 1 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_term_taxonomy.MYD: 1 pages, 1 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_usermeta.MYD: 10 pages, 10 pages cached (100.00%)
wordpress_users.MYD: 2 pages, 2 pages cached (100.00%)

Most of the files are in the filesystem cache so there is a very good chance that when you loaded this page mysql was able to read all the data for my blog from ram.

Cinfo is distributed by source tarball but I’ve created a x86_64 rpm. You can download a modified tarball that can be used with rpmbuild to create your own rpm. The basic process for building an rpm from my tarball is:

create a ~/.rpmmacros file with a path to a buildroot:

%_topdir /tmp/my_buildroot

Then create some directories in that buildroot

cd /tmp/my_buildroot

The rpm can be built directly from the tarball with:

rpmbuild -ta cinfo-0.1.tar.gz

If everything works ok it should drop an arch specific rpm in:


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