Second draft of the per session row and index stats patch

I’ve taken the part of the tivo patch that includes table and index statistics and broken it out into it’s own patch. This patch includes the ability to do show [session | global ] table_statistics and the same for index_statistics. In this version the row stats are also logged in the slow query log. To log per query stats I had to track them separately from the per session stats. Because the tracking was already done for the slow query log I’ve modified the command to allow uses to access row stats for the previous query separate from the sum for the current session. The flush commands also act similarly.

Along with changing the slow query log format I’ve also change it to log the timestamp with every query. This made it easier to do automated parsing of the slow query log.

The queries now support three different modes. I’ve detailed how the show commands work in a previous post. This patch has helped developers diagnose numerous query problems that weren’t obvious by the row estimates in the explain output. I highly recommend it for users who run more complicated queries in mysql and have been having a hard time diagnosing why they are slow. This has proved particularly adept at finding misbehaving sub queries and bad join optimization which doesn’t show up in explain output. As I find example queries I will try to post them here.

The patch.


  1. Justin Swanhart says:

    What MySQL version is the patch based against?

    Are you planning on submitting this as a code contribution to MySQL or MariaDB?

  2. Eric Bergen says:

    Yeah, the first part was getting it split out into it’s own patch. Now I’m going to update it for 5.1. Then if anyone is interested I’ll submit it.

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