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The #mysql drinking game

These are the rules of the Freenode #mysql drinking game.

  1. Any non op posts a pastebin link either either the query and no error or the error and no query drink
  2. Any non op posts a query with, “why doesn’t this work?” without any explanation about the results they want or what they’re getting drink
  3. Domas trolls the channel with a legit issue drink
  4. When a postgres guy answers a question about sqlite in #mysql 3 drinks
  5. Someone answers a question with, “kill yourself” drink
  6. Someone asks a phpmyadmin question
  7. Someone asks a workbench question
  8. Someone can’t figure out how to reset the root password
  9. Someone says they are getting an access denied error but they insist the username and password are correct.
  10. Someone asks a mssql question but tries to disguise it as a mysql question because there is no mssql channel.
  11. Whenever someone either complains about auto_increment leaving holes in the sequence or asks how to reset it.

Special set of rules for Alexander Keremidarski (salle)

  1. Just drink.

Please suggest new rules in the comments.