Percona Live MySQL Conference

These are things I like that I consider differences from last years conference. There are plenty of other things I like that don’t need to be listed here.

  • The overall tone and feel of the conference was much less marking and much more technical
  • Refreshingly honest keynotes. There was a lot of coming clean about the history of MySQL and the conference.
  • Percona is very technical but it is also a business. They are very good about bringing out the technical and not being pushy about the business.
  • No ice cream social. A thousand people shaking sticky hands with each other is never a good idea.
  • The conference was busy but never crowded

Now for the dislike:

  • Only one song before every session.
  • The chairs. Damn the chairs.
  • Wifi failed more often than it worked. Most of the time I was tethered to my phone.
  • smartcity doesn’t work with ssh port forwarded dns/socks poor man vpn.

Just some things to note and tips for next year

  • Classic rock bump in music for the keynotes didn’t really fit.
  • Percona folks are usually really good about having information in the slides. So if you have to choose between skipping a Percona talk for some other talk skip the Percona one because you can go back and read the slides.
  • There is a secret clean bathroom that usually stays clean until the last day. I’m not saying where this is.
  • Monty’s BoF always has black vodka.
  • The black vodka is dangerous so be careful.

I was tempted to skip the conference this year because last year was so depressing. I decided to give Percona a chance at hosting it and I’m glad I did. I look forward to attending and maybe presenting next year.


  1. Jay Janssen says:

    LOL about the secret bathroom, I have one too.

    I was shocked to find bathrooms on either side of the Expo hall doors. Only 4 years at the conference and this was the first time I noticed them.

  2. +1 (and yes I know where a clean secret bathroom is)

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